1. Work Life Balance

When you work where you live, your business is always there – and it can be hard to draw a line between your private and your business life.  You could find yourself starting work before breakfast and going till late at night, which is a prime recipe for burnout.

Having an office in a business community adds structure to your day and expands your network – building on your centre of influence. You may likely still think about work when you leave, but you won’t feel immersed in it all the time, to the detriment of your family, social life – and your health.

2. You Need a Place to Meet Clients

Coffee shops don’t always make the cut. You may arrive to find the tables full – or the espresso machine out of order. You can’t control who else is there (which could include screaming children!) or the background music volume which can all make it difficult to hold a business conversation.

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to meet in a quiet, professional space, where fresh coffee is free and on hand?

3. It’s Lonely Working for Yourself

Solopreneurs can be prone to days without seeing other people.  Being isolated can decrease energy and motivation.

Research has shown that loneliness can seriously affect our health. We apparently feel most lonely as late adolescents then less so in middle adulthood. But we become prone again in late adulthood – a stage in life when more and more people are starting their encore careers.

Co-working and an office in a building with other professionals is a way to exchange ideas and advice, to network and break out of your silo. You may even find businesses there that need your services – or who can refer clients to you.

4. Your Home Office Isn’t Working

An ideal office is a quiet space where, uninterrupted, you can focus on building your business.  Working at home has its pitfalls, from blotting out noisy neighbours to distractions such as caring for the family, friends ‘dropping by’ or the ever-present temptation to procrastinate with housework or errands.  

Aside from that, you may have overlooked sound business practices, everything from investing in a good office chair for healthy back support (instead of the couch or at the kitchen table) – to setting up a secure Wi-Fi network.

5. You Need to Entertain Clients

Restaurants are problematic settings for a working lunch. You have no input on the menu, the cost, the environment and it’s hard to ensure privacy.  

At the Uptown Business Club you’ll be able to focus on what matters over a delicious meal tailored to your clients’ preferences (as well as your budget).  And if you need to make a presentation, you’ll have all the tech support and materials you need.

If it’s time to grow your business in a professional setting, take a tour to see how our affordable office space rentals and meeting rooms here in Hamilton can make your life easier.  

We’re here to be your Centre of Influence.